Far Cry New Dawn : Xavier Gens sign the Trailer live the game to Ubisoft

It is the 15th of February next “Far Cry New Dawn” and its universe, post-apocalyptic lands on your consoles and PC. In the meantime, Ubisoft has turned to the director Xavier Gens to sign the trailer Live the game. Images ! Ubisoft After Far Cry 5, released in march 2018 (and which we discussed at length here) Ubisoft continues more than ever to maintain the flame is more or less sacred of its licence, with the arrival of any next of Far Cry : New Dawn, available February 15. With its atmosphere of post – apo worthy of Mad Max, the game is in fact the result of Far Cry 5, and works as a Stand Alone. The game takes place 17 years after the apocalyptic end of Far Cry 5, and sees the territory terrorized by a duo of sisters, Mickey and Lou, at the head of the Highwaymen, pirates of the bitumen (since you are told that it is Mad Max !). This will be an opportunity to come back to haunt the landscapes and the plains of Hope County version of post-apo, but also explore, in the same vein, versions of post-apo out of New Orleans and the american West. Waiting for the release, the publisher has requested that the director, Xavier Gens, a great fan and consumer of video games, before the lord, to make the trailer Live of his game, to discover below. Far Cry New Dawn