Lisa Azuelos : "My Baby is a film made to give more credence to women"

On the occasion of the release of his award-winning film at the Festival of comedy of l’alpe d’huez, a meeting with the director Lisa Azuelos and her comic actress extraordinaire : Sandrine Kiberlain. “I have a great concern for moral, ethical with the guilt of the women, which is something they have inherently and which, as soon as they have children, tend to multiply. They have such a social responsibility. I’m making this film to actually say : “Whatever I do, this is good.”” Meeting with Lisa Azuelos and Sandrine Kiberlain, director, and actress award-winning the Alpe d’huez for My Baby, comedy, funny, removed, and, in his own way, committed. Interview by Laetitia Ratane at the Festival of the Alpe d’huez. Framework : Citizen Cannes. Mounting : Ando Raminoson and Allan Merlier.

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